County Road News & Info

2017 Spring Load Restriction to begin

On February 8, 2017, due to spring thaw conditions, weight restrictions will be imposed on the roads indicated:
County Road 5, Piceance Creek Road
County Road 7, Strawberry Creek Road
County Road 21, Bonanza Road
County Road 24, Ryan Gulch Road
14,000 Lbs. Actual Axle Weight (total load weight divided by number of axles not allowed).
10,000 Lbs. maximum weight per "Drop" Axle.
See Schedule and Details.

County Roads and OHV's:

Rio Blanco County allows the use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV’s) on designated Rio Blanco County Roads subject to certain rules and regulations detailed in Rio Blanco County Resolution No. 2011-43.  The County designated these roads in Rio Blanco County Resolution No. 2016-23,  2012-14 and 2013-29.

The current Rio Blanco County designated roads are:
All County Roads EXCEPT County Roads 1 (Blue Mountain Road), 5 (Piceance Creek Road) and 7 (Strawberry Creek Road)

For more information about the OHV-designated trail system, see the Wagon Wheel OHV Trail System and Meeker Chamber of Commerce websites

Community Counts is a great resource for issues or concerns regarding the oil & gas industry, including issues related to Rio Blanco County roads.