Understanding the CodeRED Notification System

Rio Blanco County Sheriff’s Office has implemented CodeRED, a high-speed emergency/community notification solution provided by Emergency Communications Network to help keep residents and businesses informed with important information that may immediately impact their safety. Watch the video CodeRED Emergency Notification System: How Does It Work? for more information.

No one should automatically assume his or her phone number is included. All businesses should register, as well as all individuals who have unlisted phone numbers, who have changed their phone number or address within the last year, and who use a cellular phone as their primary home phone.

The "CodeRED system is a geographical based notification system, which means street addresses are needed to select which phone numbers will receive emergency notification calls in any given situation. The system works fine for cell phones too, but we have to have a street address". People who have recently moved but kept the same listed or unlisted phone number also need to change their address in the database.

You may opt-in to receive emergency and community notifications by visiting the CodeRED enrollment. If you have any questions or problems entering your information into the CodeRED enrollment page, please email Mike Cook to provide assistance.

If you move away and/or would like your name and number removed for our CodeRED data please visit CodeRED Deactivation or you may call 970-878-9600 or email

Identifying Emergency Notifications

Emergency notifications that require your immediate attention will be delivered through telephone number 866-419-5000 which has been designated for Emergency Communications.

Community notifications not requiring your immediate attention will be delivered through telephone number 855-969-4636 which has been designated for Community Notifications.

Please make sure to add the above telephone numbers to your phone’s contacts. If you would like to hear the last message delivered to your phone, simply dial the number back.
Examples of Emergency Notifications
  • Active Shooter
  • Boil Water Advisory
  • Evacuations
  • Fire Advisories
  • Hazardous Material Spills
  • Missing Person
  • Possible Dangerous Individual
  • Shelter Information
  • Viral Outbreak/Health Advisory
Examples of Community Notifications
  • Community Watch Information
  • Conservation Notices
  • Event Cancellation or Reminders (Meetings, events, parades, trick or treating)
  • Fraud or Scam Alerts
  • Ordinance Reminders
  • Planned Water or Electrical Outages
CodeRED Mobile Alert App
Rio Blanco County, through an existing contract with Emergency Communications Network, will begin providing public safety alerts through the company’s public safety app, CodeRED Mobile Alert.
CodeRed Mobile Alert App
The app, which is a free download in the App Store and Google Play, will allow County residents and visitors to receive free emergency, missing persons, and community alerts via push notifications to their iPhone and Android devices.

CodeRED QR Code

CodeRed QR Code